Chuck Columbus, SVP, Chief Human Resources Officer,KP ★ Chokri BenSaid, Kaiser Division Director, SEIU-UHW ★ Ronald Copeland, MD, FACS, SVP, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer, KP Marilyn Chow VP, National Patient Care Services & Innovation,KP ★ Jim Pruitt VP, Labor Management Partnership & Labor Relations, The Permanente Federation, LLC ★ Hal Ruddick Executive Director, Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions ★ Dennis Dabney SVP, National Labor Relations & Office of Labor Management Partnership, KP Jennifer Liebermann, Director, Garfield Innovation Center KP Jessica Butz National Coalition Coordinator, BHMT Co-Director, Coalition of KP Unions ★ Daniel Goldberg Senior Director, Workforce Planning & Information Management, KP ★ Laura Long Director, National Workforce Planning & Development, BHMT Co-Director, KP

Sidney Garfield Innovation Center, San Leandro CA - October 7, 2014

In order to execute on the KP strategy we must equip our workforce with the right tools, skills, and opportunities for career mobility. Together, we can help lead the transformation of healthcare. The October 7 Workforce of the Future Conference was a call to action to participate in a variety of provocations that help us plan for the future. Conference participants were exposed to new technologies, market forces shaping our future, and innovative ways to connect virtually with the KP membership at home, at school and at work. Labor and management collaborated on three "relays" (futuristic scenarios) that helped us think through preparing our workforce for new technologies, proactive ways to address redeployments and meeting the needs of KP's growing Medicaid population. Future core competencies were intertwined in many of the presentations by Institute of the Future, Results Only Work Environment and KP's Strategic Planning and Transformation. This is just the beginning. How can we develop the workforce infrastructure, work force skills and KP systems to blossom in 2025? We will do this together. We invite you to experience the conference virtually through the recorded sessions located on the Sessions button above.