Career Management

Kaiser Permanente is committed to support the growth and professional development of their employees. In this section, you will create development strategies for your top career options. Through a variety of internal resources, Kaiser Permanente will support your efforts by providing national and regional training opportunities and funding aids.

Skill Gap Analysis

At the end of this Skill Gap Analysis, you can expect to know which critical skills you have for success on the job and which skills need further improvement to meet effective job performance on the careers you are interested in. Examine your job options to make decisions about which careers look like a good match for your current skills, as well as identifying those areas you are interested in developing in the near future.
Skill Gap Analysis Instructions:

  1. Analyze the job description for the position that interests you and identify the critical skills that are needed to be successful in this position. Consider the importance of each skill on the job and how often the skill is used during the week. Review the minimum qualifications and find the “must haves” in the job description to determine which skills are critical to effective job performance. Review the “preferred qualifications” as well, if they are called out. List all these skills in the far left column.
  2. Determine what level of competency is required for each critical skill. Do you need to be an expert in this skill area, competent or just familiar?
  3. Judge your current level of proficiency at each skill. Do you feel you are an expert in this area, competent or familiar? Ask outside sources (former managers, co-workers) to verify your skill levels when you are not certain.
  4. All degrees, certifications and licenses that are mandatory must be included in your analysis.
  5. Don’t forget to consider your interest level in developing each skill. Would you look forward to increasing your abilities in this area?
  6. Try to quantify the skill gaps you have and identify how much each skill needs to be improved. This can be done in several ways: determine a percentage of improvement necessary, identify a license needed or course of study, or indicate what level of knowledge or expertise is required.
  7. Once you have filled out this table, circle the skill areas you need and are willing to develop to succeed in this job. Proceed to the Development Plan section to begin researching your development methods and learning options. (attach Skills Gap Analysis Worksheet)

Development Planning

Development Planning in the Total Performance program gives you increased involvement and engagement in your development, both for your career and a greater linkage between Kaiser Permanente’s business strategy and your own performance contribution. The Individual Development Plan (IDP) focuses on development in your current role and future career growth. It is driven by you, with coaching and support from your manager.
When you are ready, learn more about development planning at Kaiser Permanente or draft your IDP.

Development Resources

There are a variety of educational and financial aid programs at Kaiser Permanente on a national and regional level to help you develop new skills. Explore resources to manage your career.

Seek Mentorship and Coaching

Take charge of your career development by obtaining advice and strategies from someone who has been there before. Use the KP Mentoring website to find a mentor for networking connections, short information-sharing or longer mentoring relationships.

Explore Career Paths

With approximately 192,000 employees and physicians serving the unique needs of more than 9 million members, you can imagine that it takes a vast range of skills to keep our organization growing and our members thriving. What does that mean for you as a job seeker? Room to grow in any number of directions, any number of places, and any number of roles. Your path begins here.

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