The Power of Technology and Partnership

High Performance at Chino Hills Laboratory is a Journey! Not a One and Done

Building the new clinical laboratory at Chino Hills provided opportunities to bring in state- of -the- art technology and to create a new work culture. Typically clinical laboratories are found in the medical building basements or in a dark warehouse. In contrast Chino Hills is filled with light through its many atriums. The state- of- the- art machines perform repetitive tasks and contain exposure to toxins. Technology has facilitated the test turnaround time enhancing patient care. And by reducing employee exposures to toxins and performing repetitive tasks, implementing technology has improved employee health and safety. Chino Hills in 2019 had the best SCAL attendance and relatively low number of workers compensation claims.

But it is not just technology that has improved laboratory performance. UFCW and Chino Hills labor management partnership has been utilized to enhance performance. Unit based teams are the vehicle for front line employees and managers in this high performance workplace.

Together technology and partnership have produced amazing results- including growth in the number of clinical lab scientist(CLS) positions. CLS positions have grown 23% since 2016.

The journey of excellence continues including a response to the COVID crisis. In the first month 27,000 specimens were analyzed.

Building a Culture of Excellence...

is hard work. Executive leaders need a vision and be willing to step in to remove barriers. SCAL Laboratory leaders have used the following materials to build a culture of management excellence.

image of book the evoliving health care landscape
The Evolving Health Care Landscape How Employees, Organizations, and Institutions are Adapting and Innovating. purchase book here
image of book hardwiring excellence
Hardwiring Excellence: Purpose, Worthwhile Work and Making a Difference Quint Studer purchase book here
image of book hardwiring excellence
Emotional Intelligence 2.0 Travis Bradbury purchase book here
Technology is only as good as it's people

Front line employees and managers are the center of performance excellence.

LMP Learning offers a range of dynamic classroom, online and just-in-time training that builds the partnering and performance skills and knowledge needed to sustain the success of the Labor Management Partnership and to advance Kaiser Permanente’s business strategy. LMP Learning is available to all unit-based team members, co-leads, sponsors and others throughout Kaiser Permanente who need to develop these skills and knowledge. See LMP Curriculum for list of classroom and just-in-time online classes.

Team-Tested Practices LMP Curriculum
Critical skills help you to succeed
Many of the critical skills are used to make employees essential in the success of the lab. Develop your digital skills to work with new technology. Develop your collaboration skills to work together to get things done right. Develop consumer focus skills to target the essentials in your mission. Develop your process improvement skills to optimize your work.
digital fluency
consumer focus
process improvement

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